Urban Decay Naked Heat

I’m jumping on the bandwagon and giving you all my thoughts on the new Urban Decay Naked Heat palette.

Well, before even using it I had totally fallen in love with the shades. This is like my dream palette, all warm toned from burnt oranges to deep purples. I could literally wear this every single day (in fact I almost have!!).

I picked this up from Urban Decay in Debenhams, Meadowhall, for £39.50 so it’s quite pricey, but you do get 12 different eye shadows in there and the packaging is beautiful! I would say it’s there best packaging yet. The palette is made from plastic which makes it slightly more bulky than the other palettes but I think that’s maybe why I like it more? It just feels more chunky and solid. It also comes with a dual ended eyeshadow brush. Normally I would never use these but this ones isn’t bad at all, its quite fluffy and have used it a couple of times already to get into the crease.

What does it contain?
So, it contains 7 matte shades and 5 shimmer shades. I’m not really into lots of shimmer so this was definitely an added bonus for me. A lot of the previous Naked palettes were nearly all shimmer and whilst the shades were still beautiful, I always found myself reaching for another palette to go along with it. I would also argue that the first shade in the palette isn’t really that shimmery, even though it says it is. Not that it’s a complaint at all, it’s nice as a shade to buff all over my eyelid.

Top 3 shades?
My top 3 shades in the palette HAVE to be Low Blow, which is a matte warm brown shade. The next one is He Devil, this one is a matte and is like a burnt red shade and finally my 3rd favourite shade is Cayenne which is matte (again!) and is a deep terra-cotta shade. I’ve been wearing these eyeshadow shades nearly every day which is why they are my favourite. Something else I love about them is that they can be worn day or night because the intensity and be switched up or down depending on the occasion.


Favourite shimmer?

So I’m only going to pick one shimmer, 1 because there is less shimmers in the palette and and 2 because its just a no brainer. It’s the shade Lumbre. It a copper shade with gold pearly reflects so more of a two toned shade. Its even better when the brush has a bit of fix+ on, it turns it more to a foiled shadow. Perfect especially for spotlight eyes.


Would I buy this palette again and recommend to you?

YES! Yes, yes yes! I am just involve with this palette. It’s so buttery and there is barely any fallout. Just the prefect palette and so worth the money. Its the sort of palette than can be used at any point and will still look right. It’s currently my go to palette.


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