The Power of Makeup 

Makeup can be so powerful. It can build someone’s confidence and it can also break it into a million little pieces. I garuantee that the vast majority of you, if not all of you, have never seen me without my makeup on. Makeup for me is a big part of my life. I once used it as something to hide behind but at the same time I felt self conscious about wearing it. 


It took me years to find a style of makeup that was right for me, in fact I still enjoy experimenting and trying new things now. I love it, I wear it practically every day, my makeup bag goes wherever I go. I spent hours watching tutorials, hours trying to perfect what I thought it should look like. But the big question is, what should it look like? Makeup is an art! It doesn’t matter what you decide your style to be, or whether you even choose to wear it. 


There’s so many influential people out there, particularly in this industry and I bet there’s a lot of you who have felt disappointed when you can’t achieve a certain look or technique that you’ve seen someone do on YouTube. I admit, I was one of those people who felt disappointed, it took me ages to get my blending skills and winged eyeliner right, hours sat in front of a mirror… but I got there in the end, it just took a lot of practicing. Don’t be disheartened by this, most things in life require you to put the work in. 


Something I love is bold brows and lots of highlighter! My eyebrows used to be awful. I over plucked them at school and then I started filling them in with a cheap eyebrow pencil. Looking back at photos I actually cringe, it wasn’t until I came across Illamasqua and my mum paid for me to have a lesson with them for a birthday present that I learnt how to do them properly. I actually blame my fiancé (as well as my mum) for my slight obsession with makeup, it was him that actually saw the Illamasqua counter first while I was out looking for a new selection of makeup and said “their makeup looks good, maybe you should try some of their eyebrow stuff”. From then on I strayed away from my Chanel makeup and started trying loads of new brands. I’m sure if you asked some of my family about my makeup skills when I first started venturing into it, they would probably say…. it was a bit haphazard to say the least, but they still supported me no matter what. 


I’m aware that when I’m out and about people stare at me, but I’ve stopped caring. Yes it’s different and no I probably don’t fit in with everyone else but that’s what I like so why should what others think stop me? If you enjoy wearing something or how you look then embrace it! Normal is boring, be you and don’t try and fit in just because it’s easier. All I’m saying is, makeup can change someone’s appearance so much, I like both versions of me and I’m happy to walk around with my bare face, I just enjoy putting makeup on and love how it makes me feel. I look like a totally different person when I put my ‘other face’ on, but that’s my choice and I like it. People will always have a problem with how you look but you can’t impress everyone so why try? 


I’ve never posted a photo of me with no makeup on…. but here goes, my before and after, pale to tan!



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