Smashbox Primer Collection Review

I’ve used Smashbox products for quite some time now and wanted to take the time to talk about 3 of their primers. I don’t have all their primers, whilst I’ve been tempted to purchase more, I just haven’t. 


The first one I’m going to talk about is the Photo Finish Foundation Primer. This stuff is incredible, I can’t recommend it enough. I’d been using dupes of this primer for so long, which were good, but after actually buying it and trying it for myself I couldn’t believe the difference. Its a clear gel like formula that smooths out your skin and blurs fine lines ready for foundation. My makeup literally stays put all day when wearing this.

It’s not a primer I use all over my face, I tend to just squeeze a pee sized amount out and then apply it where pores are more visible so, in the T-zone area and then the apples of my cheeks out side ways towards my temples. I dab it rather than rub and slightly smooth out across the areas. I find this technique works best for really filling in any pores that you may have.


I always leave this primer to set for a few minutes so that it has chance to set into my skin and not move around when I’m applying foundation, just because it’s so silky. So far, I haven’t found a single foundation that doesn’t work with this primer and I’ve not had any problems at all with my foundation going patchy or shiny during the day even when it’s been as hot as it has this past couple of weeks!


Another trick I’ve picked up while using this primer, for extra hold, is to mix a tiny amount of this in with your foundation. Strange I know but, this has actually worked for me. I’ve only tried it when I’ve known I’m going to have a ridiculously long/busy day and my foundation hasn’t budged at all. Sometimes I have done this when I’ve worn an illuminating primer all over my face, it really holds everything in place. I believe you can also smooth a tiny amount of this through your hair too to help with any fly away bits or split ends but haven’t yet tried this.


Photo Finish Primer Oil is another one of my favourites. I know what your all thinking… oil?? Why would you put oil on your face? Well it’s amazing, it absorbs super fast and is extremely lightweight. This is great for people who like a dewy finish and glowing skin. Its great for any dry fine lines your may have too and contains lipid-rich plant extracts, essential oils such as jojoba and chamomile.


This again is fantastic under foundation and makes it look seamless once you’ve applied. I use the recommended 2 drops of oil and then gently massage them into my skin. I tend to just apply all over by rubbing the 2 drops between my fingers and then dabbing onto the tops of my cheek bones, my forehead and my chin and then just slowly work into the skin. I then wait for a few minutes just for it to absorb and then pop on some foundation. I do occasionally put the 2 drops into my foundation to make the foundation have a dewy finish to it after using another primer to prep my skin, or pop them onto my beauty blender ready to blend out the dots of foundation on my face – high maintenance I know!


I don’t class this product as just a primer… I’ve used this as a night oil after I’ve cleansed, I’ve used it through the ends of my hair, on my lips to prep them for liquid lipsticks and I’ve also used it as a fake tan prep such as on your elbows and knees. Its brilliant! And the bottle is surprisingly big too. If you want to add some extra glow, you can dab a small amount to the high points of your face such as your cheek bones with or without foundation on.


The last one in my little Smashbox primers collection is the Photo Finish Primer Water. I’ll be honest and say I’ve never really used this as a primer on its own. I use this more as a setting spray or as a make up refresher. It absorbs really fast into the skin and also creates a radiant look without having a shiny finish.

During warmer periods I followed the tip from Smashbox and kept it in the fridge, it was perfect for spraying your face after you’ve been outside in the heat, it cools your face immediately and almost makes it look like you have a fresh face of make up on by kind of melting it all back together. I have occasionally used this on my face prior to foundation application if I’m quite warm because it cools you down without leaving unwanted residue on your face. This is a great tip if you have just got out of the shower and wanting to get your make up on. I find it’s very hydrating and keeps your skin feeling fresh. 


These products have all worked for me and will definitely be replenishing my stock once they have run out. I can’t fault any of them! 

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