One thing that brings back the best memories…

To a lot of people, it's just a bottle of dilute… well I suppose your right.

I purchased this from Sainsbury's the other day, normally I would go for peach or something but orange was on offer. I'm so glad I did. I sat down at my desk, popped some into my glass of water and took a sip. Immediately it reminded me of summer and harvest time on the farm.

I spent hours squished into the side window of the tractor growing up, it started off with the gap being too big for me and then ended with me being too big for the gap… it got very uncomfortable to say the least.  I'll never forget heading off for the day with our bottle of squash in the sun with just my dad, they were certainly some of the best days growing up. I've always been a daddies girl and always will be!


It hasn't changed much now even though I have moved out, it just means we have an extra pair of hands to join the Ward clan who will one day ALSO be a Ward!! Days spent on the farm are always the best days, no day is EVER the same and quite often nothing goes to plan either… I think we refer to that as 'character building'. I wouldn't change this life for the world and it gave me the best childhood ever, all children should spend a summer on the farm, it makes you appreciate all the simple things in life. I'll probably write a post about growing up on a farm and save it for another time.


I still spend a lot of my time riding alongside my dad or my brother on the tractor, I just love it.

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