My first holiday in 9 years

I’m not really a holiday person, probably gives it away in the title but, I finally ventured away in March to sunny North Wales with my fiancé. I’ve never been abroad and I can’t say as I’m really that bothered, so we’ve both decided to visit the beautiful places in the U.K. It’s not for everyone, but if you like beautiful scenery, hot tubs and little cottages then keep reading!




Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet was one of our first stop offs. We spent most of the first day shopping and eating. I love Wagamama, I just look terrible eating it, the noodles are so long!


The Welsh Mountain Zoo

I’ve never been here before, I think we picked the wrong day though, all the animals were hiding from the bad weather. I don’t blame them, it was so wet! We did see some animals though, and I can imagine it would be a really nice place to come in the warmer months! They have lots of different animals there and a cafe that looks out over the sea.




Conwy Castle

I’ve been here once before, it’s beautiful. Even in the wind and the rain. This day was by far the worst day for weather, it was chucking it down with rain and really strong winds. But never the less, we braved going to the top of the castle and had a walk around the beautiful Conwy , enjoying some tasty food.








I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the cafe that we went to for lunch, but they did the most AMAZING strawberry milkshake I’ve ever had.


Penrhyn Castle

This is such a beautiful place and we picked such a lovely day to go. I’m a National Trust member, so we didn’t have to pay when we got there and the day we chose to go was also their first day reopening for the year. We got taken on a tour that they had never done, basically we were guinepigs, we got taken around a part of the castle no one had seen and then got to go up on the roof, the views were beautiful. I also had my first Welshcake, it was St. Davids day after all!



The National Slate Museum

We called here after we’d been to the castle, I think we were a bit late going but they allowed us in anyway. I found out alsorts about the type of charcoal that goes into the face products we use, saw how the made it and also got to have a feel of it. The guy showing us the demonstration even made me a little love heart out of slate.



The Great Orme & Llandudno

So this was the last stop off/day out of the holiday. We made it to the Great Orme Summit… in the car… it was SO steap getting up there, I genuinely didn’t think we would make it. Anyway, we did.. in one piece, but then nearly got blown away when we got out of the car. It was ridiculously windy up there!





Llandudno is such a lovely seaside area. I loved looking at all the little boutique hotels along the sea front and everyone is so friendly. We also had a delicious ice cream while walking on the pier. Salted caramel… my favourite!







Bryn Williams – Colwyn Bay

This was our last meal out of the holiday. A little find that we stumbled across on the way back to the cottage. The most incredible seafood I’ve ever had! If your ever out that way I HIGHLY recommend this place. Started off with mussels in a type of cream sauce follows by smoked haddock with a poached egg on crushed baby potatoes.




Here’s the link to where we stayed, just in case your interested in a little getaway! It’s absolutely gorgeous and I would highly recommend staying there, the owners are so lovely too.

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