Is this face mask worth the hype? 

There are so many face masks out there, all doing different things and all at very different price ranges. I for one have never really been one for experimenting with face masks, I would normally stick to my Lush, Cup O’ Coffee or Love Lettuce face mask and the peel off ones you get in a little packet from Boots or the super market BUT… that has now changed!


So I had seen this particular face mask all over Instagram and YouTube and a lot of the big beauty influencers are using it. I wasn’t going to buy one, purely because it sempt hard to get hold of until I saw it on the Debenhams website and decided to purchase. I guess you could say that social media made me buy it. If you haven’t already worked it out I’m talking about GLAMGLOW. So this is the first mask I have tried from GLAMGLOW and it’s the Gravity Mud mask. 


So it says it will instantly leave your skin feeling firmer and more lifted. Does it? YES!! I followed the instructions on the box, apply a generous layer, using the little brush that it comes with, to the face avoiding eyebrows and hairline and leave on for around 20-30 minutes and then peel off. This stuff smells amazing, it reminds me of pina colada. It starts of like a thick pearly white cream formula and then turns to a bright chrome colour. My skin felt so smooth after this and looked really radiant. 


I bought this from Debenhams online for £39… pricey I know! But I honestly think it’s worth it. I did notice that they have now also opened up a counter in boots at Meadowhall for anyone who shops there. The pot looks small however, when it says a generous layer you’ll soon see that actually just dipping your brush once does around 1/3 of your face so you really don’t use a lot at all. Something I really liked about this mask is that whilst it was drying it didn’t get really tight on my face or feel like it was pulling on my skin. It also want too perfumed like some that I have used so to leave it on for 30 minutes wasn’t an issue at all. 


It’s packed with so many different ingredients, Vizitight and Lunarlift for toned and tighter looking skin, Teoxi Complex for a firmer complexion and Cosmiplexion which is for youthful looking skin. It’s great for all skin types and you can also apply makeup straight after using it so it’s great for prepping your skin, especially for special occasions. Be sure not to cleanse your face directly after using it as the ingredients will still be what ring on your skin, it do s say you can wash any residue off with a warm wash cloth. I would definitely recommend this product and will certainly be including this in my weekly skin care routine. 


Hope you enjoyed reading! 

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