GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment

So I’m literally writing this first part while actually wearing the mask just so I can give you an exact review of what it feels like on the skin. I picked this up from Marks and Spencer’s today in Meadowhall and thought I would give it a go, it cost me £39 for the pot. It claims to be GLAMGLOW’s most scientifically advanced clearing treatment used to help fight common skin concerns such as problem skin and skin imperfections and also claims to be pore refining, mattifying and clarifying. Lets test it out…


5 minutes in…

Ok so I’m around 5 minutes into having the face mask on… it feels like a slight tingling sensation on my skin, maybe almost slightly warming? Nothing bad but definitely noticeable. It says to apply a thin layer to clean skin and can be either used as a full face mask or as a spot treatment. It also has a slight smell to it, maybe menthol? Not sure, can’t quite put my finger on it. A little bit certainly goes a long way, its almost more of a liquid texture to the Gravity Mud.


15 minutes in…

So it’s  definitely starting to feel slightly tighter on my face, not uncomfortable but I can feel it drying and almost setting on my face. I can’t feel it tingling on my skin at all anymore and I also can’t smell it. Some places like my nose and chin have dried completely! You can also see where it has started to draw the dirt/excess oil out of my pores too because there are little dots all over.


20 minutes in…

Time to wash it off!!  It was so easy to remove. I used a flannel with warm water and gently wiped it off.


How does my face feel? 

My face feels ridiculously smooth and soft and my pores look considerably smaller! I do have 2 tiny spots on my forehead so lets see how they turn out in the morning after my face mask treatment. My skin also feels really refreshed and clean, sort of a similar feeling to the Gravity Mud mask only slightly more intense.


How did my skin feel the morning after?

Well, I can honestly say my skin felt amazing and the 2 small spots I had, have now completely gone?! Its crazy! My make up went on a dream and it’s made my skin look flawless, strangely I seemed to have excess foundation left over which never normally happens!


So what does it contain?

It contains all sorts!! Here’s the link to the ingredients: GLAMGLOW Super Mud Ingredients.


Would I purchase this product again?

100% yes! I am totally in love with it. So far, GLAMGLOW products have not let me down. They also sell mini pots of this at M&S for those of you who want to sample a bit first before purchasing the full pot. I personally think it’s worth every penny I paid for it and it has worked a treat on my skin!

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