Do’s and don’ts when it comes to wearing specs.. 

So I thought I would dedicate this post to fellow spectacle wearers. I’ve worn glasses for around 6 years now and even though you probably won’t see many photos of me with them on, I do infact wear them almost every day for work. I’ve learnt many do’s and don’ts over the years and thought I’d pop them down for you guys to read. Remember, this is just my opinion and if you do things that I say don’t or don’t do things I say do then if it works you, carry on! There are no rules! 


Here are my list of do’s…


  • Do keep your under eyes hydrated by using eye creams and other moisturisers. When it comes to wearing glasses these products should be part of your daily routine. Glasses magnify the eye area and will show up fine lines and any puffiness, so be sure to get a good nights sleep too! 


  • Do add brightness to the eye area. I tend to use a light weight concealer around the eye area that’s 1 or 2 shades lighter than my skin tone and foundation shade. This helps to smooth out the eye area and also light up the area where your glasses may create shadows. 


  • Do wear eyeliner. My frames are quite large and bold, I find that when I’m wearing this style of glasses I like to go for a more bold eyeliner look and sometimes add a small wing. I say small because there’s nothing worse than your wing poking out round the side of your frames! Also, flick the wing up towards the corner of your glasses. I also like to wear a nude or white coloured eyeliner in my waterline which also brighten up the eye and makes you look awake… especially great for if you didn’t get that good nights sleep! For my smaller frames I go for a thinner eyeliner on the top lashes, just to balance it all out. 


  • Do groom or fill in your eyebrows. This is all down to personal preference. I like to fill in my eyebrows and like them to be quite bold however when I wear glasses I do go in with a slightly lighter shade and also not quite as bold…  but still a full brow… that’s just how I like it. You could just use a brow gel or the Gimme Brow from Benefit which fills out the brow but still keeps it natural. Whilst your glasses frame your eyes, your eyebrows frame your glasses. 


  • Do use an eyelash curler and build up your lashes with mascara. You want your lashes to stand out because glasses draw attention to the eyes. With that in mind, I recommend a long wearing mascara because there’s nothing worse than it going crumby under your eye if your lashes catch on the lenses. 


  • Do use an eyeshadow primer, even if your not wearing foundation. One of the most handiest tips I picked up a few years ago was to apply a bit of eyeshadow primer just to the bridge of your nose and on the sides of your nose on the area where your glasses sit. This stopped my glasses from sliding down my nose. 


  • Do set the sides of your nose wth translucent powder. From personal experience I found that this stopped build up of foundation and concealer around the pinchy bit on either side of my nose, especially if you get warm. (Sorry, I don’t know what that bit is called on glasses!) 


  • Do wear a bold lipstick. Not everyone likes to wear bright lipsticks, me being one of them, but a bold lip colour looks fab with glasses and it doesn’t have to be bright red, it’s whatever your feel comfortable wearing! 


  • Do set your face with setting spray. I like both MAC Fix + and Urban Decay‘s All Nighter setting spray. 


And here are my list of don’ts…


  • Don’t forget to prime your skin accordingly to your skin type, this is the first step in ensuring your makeup stays put while wearing glasses. Using a mattifying primer on oily skin can help prevent your skin from becoming greasy, particularly when you get hot behind the glasses. 


  • Don’t have cake face. By this I mean avoid applying too much foundation around the areas your glasses sit. All frames rest on the sides and bridge of your nose and occasionally your temples depending on the width. Larger framed glasses also sit on your cheeks sometimes too. If there is a large amount of product around those areas, throughout the day this will slide around, rub away in patches and stick around the frame leaving you with dirty glasses. I normally take my beauty blender, use the tip of it and gently wipe those areas to remove some of the foundation ensuring all the edges are blended in and then set it with translucent powder. 


  • Don’t match your eyeshadow to your coloured frames, that’s I f you wear coloured frames. Example: if your glasses are purple, don’t use a purple eyeshadow. I would normally wear a brown eyeshadow or just apply a little bit of shimmer to the lid. 


  • Don’t use a lengthening mascara, use a volumising one. This creates more intensity especially at the root of the lash. Whilst long lashes look lovely, it’s not a great look when they start to get caught and bend down from catching on the lense. 


  • Don’t make your eyeliner too thick on the bottom lash line, try and stick with a thinner line. If you want to create a bit of drama, take a pencil brush and lightly buff out the edges to create a softer smoke. 


  • Don’t take your eyeliner right into the inner corners of your eye. Sometimes eyeliner can build up there and then be magnified by your glasses. 


  • Don’t put too much blush onto your cheeks, especially if you have big glasses on. Try and stick to a more subtle blush just on the apples of your cheeks. 


  • Don’t ignore your highlighters and bronzer. Make sure you still highlight the high points of your face or the bits you want to stand out more e.g. your cheek bones and your brow bone. Also add your bronzer for warmth and definition in the natural contours of your face. This can all be as little or as much as you like.


And finally…


Don’t forget to just be you and be confident in whatever it is that you feel is right for you. Don’t be scared to try new things and don’t worry about what other people think. 


Remember, these aren’t rules, these are just things that have worked for me. I hope this helps some of you who find combining makeup and specs hard and if anyone has any tips and tricks of their own then please let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear them all! 

2 thoughts on “Do’s and don’ts when it comes to wearing specs.. 

  1. Wow, I’ve never seen so many useful specs-with-makeup tips in one place! I’ve learned a lot of new things, thanks Francesca.
    I wear quite heavy frames and quite satin-y makeup, so my glasses kept falling down my nose when I got them. I found a product called Nerdwax that if you slick a little on the inside of the frames it will keep them in place.

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