Body Shop Face Mask Review


It’s been around 5 or so years since I’ve used Body Shop products. I’ll be honest and say I went off of it all, not because it wasn’t nice… it was! But I’m just not into all the fruity stuff and that’s what I used to think of when I thought of Body Shop. BUT that’s all changed! It’s gone from like 0 to a 100 and I love it! While out shopping I decided to pop in, just to be nosey more than anything and ended up coming away with one of their face masks. 


The mask I picked up was the Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask. From looking at it, it looks like a mud/clay mask with bits in it. This mask is 100% vegan and is infused with bamboo charcoal, green tea leaves and organic tea tree oil. It is used to draw out any impurities in your skin and also refine any visible pores. 


I applied this all over my face avoiding the usual places such as hair line, eyebrows and eye area and obviously your lips! It’s quite thick so it was a generous layer that I applied and I used a brush, similar to a foundation brush. As soon as I applied it I could feel the tingling feeling on my face and it almost felt cold and fresh. They recommend leaving this mask on for 10 minutes and within around 2 minutes it had already started to set. As it sets you start to see little dark patches all over, this is where all the dirt is being drawn out of your skin… disgusting I know! This type of masks shows you just how much dirt is sat in your pores even when you think it’s clean. 


When your 10 minutes is up I just got a warm wash cloth and slowly massaged it away. By doing this, your also exfoliating your skin with the pieces of green tea leaves (the bits) and getting rid of any dead skin cells. 


This mask is supposed to be a dupe for the GLAMGLOW Super Mud. I haven’t tried this one yet so couldn’t tell you if it was a dupe or not but what I do know is the Body Shop face mask is £16 and the GLAMGLOW mask is £39. 


I love this mask and have started using it around twice a week and would definitely recommend purchasing it! My skin felt incredible afterwards and so refreshed. 

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