B. Confident Day Cream Phase 1

Just a short review on the B. Confident Day Cream Phase 1 which I purchased recently…

It contains Hyaluronic Acid to moisturise deep down, Niacinamide which helps control blemishes and boost radiance and also protects the skin with its “skin shield” technology to help provide anti ageing protection from the surrounding environment. That’s what it claims anyway, but does it actually work and is it any good for us people who like to wear it under makeup?

Yes and yes, it’s amazing! Firstly, the packaging is beautiful and it looks like a high end product. No one would believe I only paid £4.69 for it from Superdrug! (Normally £9.49 – still not bad!)

The cream itself feels so soft and doesn’t feel too heavy at all. It’s not the lightest formula I’ve ever used (not that this matters) but once applied onto the skin, it’s absorbs very quickly and leaves zero residue on the face/neck area. I applied my usual amount of primer and makeup and it wore beautifully. It didn’t make me look oily or leave me with dry patches anywhere – just amazing! I love it.

It also has SPF 15 in which is an added bonus, in a lot of creams SPF can leave a greasy feeling, this doesn’t at all.

B. Skin Care is split into different “phases”. This is phase 1 which is meant for skin in your 20’s and 30’s. It’s biggest claim is that it’s an ideal base for makeup and provides 12 hour hydration which I’d definitely have to agree with!

Would I buy again? Absolutely.

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