Aldi Face Mask – They’ve done it again!!


So tell me… What’s the difference in the photo below? I’ll give you a clue… One of them is Aldi’s beauty brand Lacura Charcoal Clearing Mudmask and the other is the GLAMGLOW  Supermud Clearing Treatment. But which is which???


Well, I can tell you. The top one is the Aldi one and the bottom one is the GLAMGLOW one. Look the same almost don’t they?!

So, both of these are charcoal masks designed for problem skin. They both claim to remove excess oil and dirt from the skin and clear any congestion leaving you with refined pores and reduced appearance of skin imperfections.


They both contain ingredients such as Eucalyptus which is a natural antiseptic and Glycolic Acid which helps to remove dead skin cells and exfoliate skin gently. They both can be used as all over treatments to create fresh glowing skin or they can be used as spot treatments if you have sensitive skin. They can be used on oily skin, combination skin and also normal skin types. I do find this mask a a teeny tiny bit drying but as long as you apply your moisturiser/oil afterwards, you should be fine (at least I am anyway!).


So what the difference? Well in terms of the mask itself – nothing. However, there is one huge difference and that is the price. GLAMGLOW sells it’s mask for £42…. The Aldi Mask? That’s just £5.99. Would I recommend getting? YES YES YES!!

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