The Make Over Miracle Primer

So I think I have found a new primer that is now my all time FAVOURITE!


It’s by a brand called J.One and the product is called Jelly Pack. I bought it from Cult Beauty about 1 month ago for £42. Sounds a lot I know but you do get 50 ml of product… still not convinced? Well, you get 30 ml of product in most foundations and they can range anywhere near to that price!


I first saw this product mentioned on Christen Dominique’s YouTube channel where she referred to it as ‘the foundation glue’ so IMMEDIATELY I was like “I must buy this!!”… I mean, who doesn’t want their foundation to stick all day?!


The Write Up

The write up on Cult Beauty claims it creates a ‘velcro’ base for foundation and a ‘corset mask’  while firming, plumping and hydrating your skin to leave your complexion quenched and dewy ALL day long.


How I Use It

So I just pump out about 1 and a half pumps.. not entirely sure how many it recommends, but this seems to work well for me. I then rub it slightly between my fingers and then dab and massage slightly into my face. Be quick though, it literally goes sticky and sets FAST! It also looks 100% like glue… don’t worry, I’m not tricking you into putting glue on your face.


Once it’s on you’ll notice your face feels tacky and you’ll be thinking that your foundation won’t blend, I know I did. So far, I haven’t found a single foundation that it doesn’t work with yet and I’ve tried it with a lot. It doesn’t make your face feel uncomfortably tight but it does give you a slightly lifted feeling at first.


How Does it Wear?

So it’s been tried and tested on the farm, in the cafe and for day to day work and I haven’t had one single problem. The day in the cafe, I think it was around 34 degrees in the kitchen and we were busy busy busy ALL day long. If your don’t have a good base, your foundation is going to slip and slide around in those conditions… this didn’t. Yes there was a bit of shine to my face at the end of the day but seriously? We can’t expect miracles can we?! Although, this is definitely close to a make over miracle!


Would I Recommend it? 

Hell yes! I would say this is worth every single penny and I would absolutely purchase this product again. It’s dead easy to get hold of as well.

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